Bright Future, Big Plans.

Steve Bachus came to Aquinas on a basketball scholarship in 1979, when the school was still a junior college. Aquinas was the springboard that launched his journey toward a college degree, CPA certification and professional success in a career at Vanderbilt University. Today, he sits on the Aquinas College Board of Directors.

Why does Steve stay so connected to Aquinas? Immersed every day in the world of academic operations in his professional life, Steve has a particularly keen sense of what makes Aquinas different: our closely connected academic and faith community and the relationships that knit it together. He sees the result of our focus on treating students as individuals and how that creates a high standard of excellence and a culture of respectful accountability. And he also shares in the belief that these expectations apply to our operational stewardship and our commitment to serving future students.

Like many others who believe in the mission of Aquinas College, Steve sees the school’s potential for growth and recognizes that the time to act is now. Through prudent planning, intentional growth and smart strategies, Vision 2020 is preparing Aquinas College for its bright future.

Steve Bachus, Aquinas College Board of Directors

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