Distinctly Dominican.

As the spiritual and operational leader of Aquinas College, Mother Ann Marie Karlovic’s vision for each student stretches beyond final exams, graduation or even professional success. From the day they set foot on the 83-acre Aquinas campus, all students are welcomed into a community of faith that is committed to loving, supporting and shepherding them on their journey toward becoming a fully formed human being.

Faith is a cornerstone of student life at Aquinas, with the presence and guidance of the Dominican Sisters on campus playing an essential role. Dedicated to nurturing the life and practice of faith, the Sisters help each student cultivate his or her own relationship with the Lord – a lifelong gift that transcends even the most rigorous academic training. Every day brings time for prayer and retreat, and the focus on respect and service to others fosters a joyful, supportive and encouraging campus culture that is extremely rare in today’s campus environments.

Mother Ann Marie believes that Vision 2020 is more than a strategic plan. It is a vision to be lived by each member of the faculty, staff and administration as we expand our Christ-centered Catholic community of learning, where every student can benefit from whole-person education in order to be a blessing to the world beyond the campus gates.

Mother Ann Marie Karlovic, O.P.,
Chair of the Aquinas College Board of Directors and Prioress General of the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia Congregation

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